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Below you find an overview of YouTube videos with Wil Offermans divided into 3 sections: videos as a soloist and in various combinations; videos of the Duo Ueda Offermans; and some videos of various flute events. To see a video, just click on the related image. More videos can be found at his YouTube Channel windysounds.

Wil Offermans - various

Kotekan, The Magic Flute, Senzoku, Japan

Kotekan - flute ensemble The Magic Flute, Japan
A video of one of the first performances of Kotekan for 8 flutes performed by the Dutch Flute Workshop Ensemble The Magic Flute, directed by Wil Offermans, during their Japan-tour in 1997. Musicians: Bart Schmittmann; Eva Schotanus; Gesa Wulfhorst; Jantien Meijssen; Marieke Franssen; Mirjam van der Maas; Rene Meulenberg; Wil Offermans (dir.). Live at Maeda Hall, Senzoku Music University, Kawasaki, Japan, 11th October 1997.


Duo Ueda Offermans

Flute Day Project


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    Forbidden Valley
    a flute quintet for 3fl, alto and bass flute

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    A flute duet, enjoyable and playful.

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    for flute solo with accompaniment by one or more Instruments

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