New Flute Compositions Published

Musikverlag Zimmermann just released two new flute compositions by Wil Offermans:
Waltz of the Wolves - for two flutes, a most enjoyable and playful duet. The work was commissioned by the Netherlands Flute Academy for Suzanne Wolff and Emily Beynon. Duration: about 4 minutes. Level: 3-4 (6).
Eternal Winds - for 8 flute players, an exciting hymn to the wind and flute sound throughout times. Optionally it can be performed by any (mega) flute ensemble by involving the additional, easy grade Wind Folk part. The work was commissioned by the Netherlands Flute Academy and premièred by a mega flute orchestra of 585 flute players. Duration: about 9 minutes. Level: 3-5 (6).

waltz-of-the-wolves-140   eternal-winds-140

Flute Summer Course 2015 in Spain

The 24th edition of the international Flute Summer Course by Dutch flutist-composer Wil Offermans has been held from July 22nd until 29th, 2015 in Sayalonga (Malaga), Spain with participants from Austria, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the USA. In this exotic and inspiring ambiance and a climate of dynamic nature and cultural inspiration Offermans conducted the course, sharing his contemporary approach on flute playing with the participants. Main literature was Offermans' etude book For the Contemporary Flutist (published by Zimmermann a.o.). Click here to go to the Flute Summer Course Photo Gallery. The Flute Summer Course 2016 will be held July 16th until 23rd, 2016. Registration will be available this fall at

'Flute Day' (2-days) in Eivissa-Ibiza, Spain

On March 7th and 8th, Wil Offermans has been in Eivissa (Ibiza) to present his Flute Day at the '1ª Trobada de Flauta d'Eivissa i Formentera' for flute-students from the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. Organizing institutions were Conservatori Profesional de Música i Dansa d'Eivissa i Formentera and the Govern de les Illes Balears (Conselleria d'Educacio, Cultura i Universitats). The final presentation concert on Sunday 8th March at the Conservatorio Profesional in Ibiza included Offermans' pieces like: Luna y Sierra, Kojo-no-Tsuki, Thumpy, Jungle Dance and more. Click here to see a summary video and here to see the photos of the events.

'Flute Day' (3-days) in Saint Omer & Calais, France

This February 6th, 7th and 8th, Wil Offermans was in the Saint Omer and Calais area in northern France, for three days of flute events at various locations. Organizing institutions included the La Comédie de L'Aa, Conservatoire á Rayonnement Départemental Musique, Saint Omer, Conservatoire de Calais, L'École Notre Dame Griffon. The final presentation concert was on Sunday 8th Febr. at 16:00 in Salle Emile Zola, Wizernes/Saint Omer and included Offermans' pieces like: Luna y Sierra, Kojo-no-Tsuki, Thumpy, Honami, Tsuru-no-Sugomori, Bamburia, Itsuki-no-Komoriuta and Dance with Me.
Update: here below find the videos of Dance with Me, Bamburia, Thumpy and Itsuki-no-Komori-Uta and here you can see a photo report.

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