Maaslandse Flute Days in Maaseik and Neeroeteren, Belgium

On November 16th & 17th Wil Offermans conducted the Maaslandse Flute Days for the music schools of Maaseik, Lanaken, Dilsen-Stokkem and Maasmechelen in Belgium. On saturday there were masterclasses for advanced students and flute-teachers as well as a concert in the auditorium of the Music Academy Maaseik. The concert program included Luna y Sierra, Tsuru-no-Sugomori, Voices of Nagasaki, Etude 3: Bamboo Tones, Bamburia, the Thumpy flute, Kôjô-no-Tsuki and Dance with Me. On Sunday there was a Flute Day for all levels with a presentation concert at the end of the day in the Cultural Centre Neeroeteren. See the two photo reports of these days here.

Children Flute Days, Vilvoorde-Brussels, Belgium

On October 29th and 30th, Wil Offermans presented a Flute Day for young children for the Jeugd & Muziek (Youth & Music) in Vilvoorde (Brussels), Belgium at the music school of Vilvoorde. Some of the children already had started playing the flute, however others had never played the flute before. During the two days they worked mainly on games also using Offermans Thumpy flute as a way to introduce the flute and to learn to create a flute sound. They also worked on Bird Songs. Click here to see a photo report.

Duo Ueda Offermans in Cattlar-Prades, France

On August 24th the Duo Ueda Offermans presented a their acoustic duo concert at Chapelle Notre Dame de Riquer, Catllar near Prades (France). The event was part of the 8ème Festival Les Troubadours Chantent l'Art Roman en Languedoc-Roussillon. The duo - by Japanese satsuma-biwa player Junko Ueda and Wil Offermans on flutes - performed a program of their works as well as some traditional Japanese pieces, including Heike Monogatari, Genji Monogatari and Tsuru-no-Sugomori. The origin of the Chapelle Notre Dame de Riquer dates back more than 1000 years.

Chapelle Notre Dame de Riquer, Catllar

Wil Offermans at the NFA Flute Convention, New Orleans, USA

Wil Offermans appears as a 'Haynes Associate' at the 41st Flute Convention of the National Flute Association, which will take place August 8 - 11, 2013 in New Orleans, USA. The theme for this year's event is “Confluence of Cultures & Perseverance of Spirit” and it will feature spirited programming for solo and flute choir recitals, masterclasses and workshops, the NFA’s world-renowned competitions, and, of course, exhibitions galore. Offermans will perform Tsuru-no-Sugomori, some Thumpy flute, Dance with Me (with the National High School Flute Choir) and present a class on Honami and extended techniques. The tour is sponsored by Wm. S. Haynes, Co, the Zimmermann Publishers and Kotato Flutes (bass and contrabass-flutes).

NFA Convention 2013

Flute Summer Course 2013 in Spain

The 22nd international Flute Summer Course 2013 by Dutch flutist-composer Wil Offermans has been held from July 24th until 31st, 2013 in Sayalonga (Malaga), Spain with participants from countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Norway and the Australia. In this wonderful and inspiring ambiance and a climate of dynamic nature and cultural inspiration Offermans conducted the course, sharing his contemporary approach on flute playing with the participants. Main literature was Offermans' etude book For the Contemporary Flutist (published by Zimmermann a.o.). Other topics included extended techniques like bamboo tones, harmonics, circular breathing, multi-phonics and whisper tones; sound development; body movement; improvisation in performance and education; ensemble playing; ethnic flutes. Click here to go to the Flute Summer Course Photo Gallery.

New Solo CD 'Luna y Sierra' released


"The new CD Luna y Sierra arrives after a 10-year residence in Granada, in the heart of Andalusia in southern Spain. Its lively heritage of Moorish history, the world-famous Alhambra, the people and their love and joy for local cuisine, the flamenco, the poems of Federico Garcia Lorca, the sheep and goats strolling the mountainsides, the dynamic climate and nature of the Sierra Nevada… a scenery of pure mystery.
While the world tends to drift towards a cultural globalization, it is truly fascinating to enjoy culture so near its roots. Evidently, Luna y Sierra is born from a local experience, though with a universal echo." - Wil Offermans

The CD includes among others Offermans' interpretations of his compositions: Luna y Sierra, Tsuru-no-Sugomori, Dance with Me and the ensemble pieces Bamburia and Forbidden Valley (a unique quintet for bass-flute until double contrabass-flute). The CD is now available online for a special introduction price.

Wil Offermans at the Flute Festival Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg Flute Festival

From March 22nd until 24th the German Flute Festival of the German Flute Association (DGfF) took place at the Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg presenting an intensive program of wonderful concerts, workshops, competitions, exhibitions and demonstrations. Wil Offermans joined the festival and performed Honami, Tsuru-no-Sugomori and Thumpy, while also presenting a 6-hour workshop around Dance with Me and some of his other works. The festival website:



  • NEW CD
    Luna y Sierra

  • Daily Sensibilities

  • Made in Japan

  • How to Survive in Paradise

    Forbidden Valley
    a flute quintet for 3fl, alto and bass flute

    Waltz of the Wolves
    A flute duet, enjoyable and playful.

    Luna y Sierra
    for flute solo with accompaniment by one or more Instruments

  • The Thumpy Flute