Japan Xmas Tour 2011

During the final weeks of 2011 Wil Offermans will be touring in Japan for several events. In the concerts of Dec. 23rd and 24th Flute Ensemble Piacere will be guest to perform with Wil Offermans the first official performance of his new flute ensemble pieces Bamburia and Forbidden Valley (Bfl, Bfl in F, Contra-Bfl, CBfl in F, Double CBfl). The score of Bamburia will be published very soon by Zimmermann, Frankfurt (it will be announced at this site). Forbidden Valley has been commissioned by Kotato Flutes.
19 Dec. 18:30-21:30: Wil Offermans Flute Fitness Ensemble Workshop, SpaceDo (Musical Instrument Shop DAC) JR-Shinookubo.
22 Dec. 14:00: concert duo Ueda/Offermans at Kurihashi Wellfare House Kulimu, Saitama
23 Dec. 14:30: concert duo Ueda/Offermans at Kuki-shi Culture Centre Hall, Saitama
24 Dec. 14:30: concert duo Ueda/Offermans at Miyoshi Culture Centre Hall Copisu, Saitama

Teaching Tour in Vienna, Austria, Nov. 2011

November 25th-27th Wil Offermans was in Vienna, Austria for a series of teaching events.

  • November 25th: masterclasses and workshops “Flute Music by Wil Offermans” for flute students of the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Institut Franz Schubert, Vienna. See photos here.
  • November 26th: Flute Day (including some masterclasses on music of Wil Offermans) with a final presentation concert at the music school Vienna-Meidling. Below you can find videos of Honami; Dance with Me and Thumpy Improvisation (click the images above; find more videos at the Video Gallery page). Click here to see the photo series.
  • November 27th: masterclasses on music of Wil Offermans for flute students and teachers with some additional workshops at the music school Tulln, Nieder Österreich. See photos here.

New YouTube Video Gallery

A YouTube video page and gallery has been added to this website as an additional source of information concerning the compositions by Offermans (see the tab on the left sidebar). There you will find a selection of performances by Wil Offermans as well as performances of his works by various other artists. The selection will be updated whenever new videos will become available.

Duo Ueda/Offermans concert at Schunk* in Heerlen, Holland

On October 26 2011, the Duo Ueda/Offermans performed at Schunk* in Heerlen, Holland in the series of Newsical Experience, with co-organized by November Music in Den Bosch, Holland. The program included: Tsuru-no-Sugomori (Wil Offermans flute solo), Voyage (Junko Ueda for biwa & tape by Tôru Takemitsu) and How to Survive in Paradise II (Junko Ueda voice & Wil Offermans flutes, live-electronics). Click the image above to watch a video summary of How to Survive in Paradise II (original length about 29 minutes). See more videos at the Video Gallery page.
"How to Survive in Paradise II (composed in 1990 in Singapore by Wil Offermans) images a science-fictional paradise, where a pleasant, lush and peaceful life in harmony with nature is gradually eroded by mankind, its actions, restlessness and curiosity.”

Flute Summer Course 2011 in Spain

The 20th international Flute Summer Course 2011 by Dutch flutist-composer Wil Offermans has been held from August 20th until 27th, 2011 in Sayalonga (Malaga), Spain with participants from countries like Spain, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Mexico and Japan. In this wonderful and inspiring ambiance and a climate of dynamic nature and cultural inspiration Offermans conducted the course, sharing his contemporary approach on flute playing with the participants. Main literature was Offermans' etude book For the Contemporary Flutist (published by Zimmermann a.o.). Other topics included extended techniques like bamboo tones, harmonics, circular breathing, multi-phonics and whisper tones; sound development; body movement; improvisation in performance and education; ensemble playing; ethnic flutes. Click here to see an extended photo impression of the 2011 course.

Flute Festivals in Holland and Norway

The First Norwegian Flute Festival announced
Wil Offermans presented his concert and workshop at the Dutch Flute Festival of the Dutch Flute Society (Nederlands Fluit Genootschap) on 13 Februari, 2011 at De Muzerij in Den Bosch, Holland. Other invited artists were Peter-Lukas Graf and Felicia van den End. Click here to download the full day program in pdf-format.
Also Wil Offermans will be performing and teaching at the first Norwegian Flute Festival organized by the new Norwegian Flute Society on 24-26 June, 2011 in Tonehein, Hamar near Oslo. Other invited flutists include Wissam Boustany and Andras Adorjan, o.a.

Japan Spring 2011 Tour & New compositions

Overview Japan 2011 Spring tourFlyer of Offermans' concert with the bamboo Orchestra Nakagawa, Japan (front) Flyer of Offermans' Tokyo workshop
Another Japantour took place in May 2011 with various events, including:
- May 15: Obaku-shu concert Ueda/Offermans with various monks of Obaku-shu sect, celebrating 350 years of Obaku-shu in Japan at Kyushu National Museum, Fukuoka. New composition: “Ingen’s Dream”.
- May 19: Obaku-shu concert by Ueda/Offermans with various monks of Obaku-shu sect, celebrating 350 years of Obaku-shu in Japan at Kofuku-ji temple, Nagasaki.
- May 22: concert Wil Offermans and the Bamboo Orchestra Nakagawa at Mirika Roden Concert Hall, Fukuoka. Commissioned a new composition by Offermans titled Bamburia as well as special arrangements of his works Jungle Dance and Dance with Me.
- May 28: Flute Fitness workshop Tokyo, flute workshop by Wil Offermans from 10:00-17:00 at My Space Aspia hall, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Flute Day at music school Barneveld, Holland

Here some YouTube videos of the presentation concert of the Flute Day by Wil Offermans for the Music School Barneveld (Muziekschool Barneveld), Holland on 12th March 2011. The event took place at the Schaffelaar Theatre, Barneveld. Dance with Me is a hip hop inspired dance music composition for flute solo or flute ensemble. Next is Thumpy Song and improvisation for the Thumpy flute. Last video is a Kôjô-no-Tsuki, a karaoke version of this famous Japanese song (click on the images above to start a video). See more videos at the Video Gallery page.

Interview Wil Offermans at Pipers Magazine, Japan

Pipers Magazine interview jan. 2011
Pipers Magazine interview jan. 2011
An extensive interview with Wil Offermans has been published in the January 2011 edition of the acknowledged Japanese monthly music magazine for wind instrument: Pipers. The magazine is available thought any music shop in Japan. You can download a PDF-preview here.



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