The compositions by Wil Offermans are published by Musikverlag Zimmermann, Frankfurt, Doblinger Vienna, Zen-on Tokyo and Sejong Seoul and are available through your local music store as well as via the Studio E Online Shop. When clicking an 'Info' button, you will find extensive additional information, videos and sound samples on each composition.

  • For the Contemporary Flutist
    For The Contemporary Flutist
    Twelve flute etudes on contemporary flute techniques (ZM29700). Visit this website by Wil Offermans for comprehensive information on extended techniques.
  • Tsuru-no-Sugomori
    A flute solo, based on a transcription of a traditional Japanese shakuhachi piece (ZM33720)
  • Forbidden Valley
    Forbidden Valley 
    Flute quintet for 3 flutes, alto and bass flute (or for sub/contra/bass-flute quintet; commissioned by Kotato & Fukushima Flutes; ZM36240)
  • Waltz of the Wolves
    Waltz of the Wolves 
    A flute duet, enjoyable and playful. Commissioned by the Netherlands Flute Academy. (ZM36170)
  • Luna y Sierra
    Luna y Sierra
    A composition for flute solo with accompaniment by one or more Instruments (ZM35890)
  • Just a Short Version
    Just a Short Version
    A flute quartet for piccolo, 2 flutes and alto flute (ZM29880)
  • Eternal Winds
    Eternal Winds 
    For 8 flute players, with optional parts to extend the work for (mega) flute ensemble. Commissioned by the Netherlands Flute Academy. (ZM36180)
  • Honami
    A flute solo, includes various extended techniques (ZM30730)
  • Made in Japan
    Made in Japan
    6 Japanese Songs for flute solo in 'karaoke-style', includes accompaniment-CD (ZM34950)
  • Duo
    A theatrical-like solo music for (contra bass) flute and a stone (ZM34670 & ZM34671)
  • Drigo's Dream to Desert
    Drigo's Dream to Desert
    Flute and piano. Inspired by 'Serenade - Les Millions d'Arlequin' by Ricardo Drigo (ZM34510)
  • Bamburia
    A flute ensemble inspired by the Spanish flamenco rhythm of buleria (ZM36030).
  • Dance with Me
    Dance with Me
    A dance-music for flute ensemble, includes CD and video (ZM35950)
  • Voices of Nagasaki
    Voices of Nagasaki
    A flute ensemble with audience participation, from the Dejima Suite project (ZM34770)
  • Itsuki-no-Komori-Uta
    A flute ensemble based on a Japanese lullaby (ZM33850). Awarded by Newly Published Music Committee, National Flute Association USA.
  • Kotekan
    flute ensemble piece based on Balinese interlocking (ZM32590)
  • Jungle Dance
    Jungle Dance
    Flute ensemble piece for bottles and flutes (ZM31430)
  • For the Younger Flutist
    For the Younger Flutist
    10 contemporary 'game-pieces' for flute solo as well as ensemble, with extensive explanations.
  • The Improvisation Calendar
    The Improvisation Calendar
    exciting scores for 52 improvisations (ZM31950)
  • Thumpy Book
    Thumpy Book
    a method for the Thumpy thumb flute with 75 pieces (ZM34230) for solo and duo
  • Flute Update
    Working Song One & Two - Flute Update
    Working Song One (two flutes) & Working Song Two (flute and wood-saw) with 15 new music compositions.

Overview of Compositions

Here you can find an overview of the main compositions by Wil Offermans (published and unpublished).
Forbidden Valley flute quintet (3 flutes, alto flute, bassflute) premiered by Quintessenz at Flute Festival Munchen 2017. See YouTube video ensemble Zimmermann --- 2017
Waltz of the Wolves for two flutes. Original title Het Uur van de Wolf commissioned by Neflac (Holland) for Suzanne Wolff and Emily Beynon duo Zimmermann --- 2015
Eternal Winds for 8 flutists or flute ensemble. Original composition for 500 flutes commissioned by Neflac (Holland) for their 5th anniversary concert on 9th nov. 2014 ensemble Zimmermann --- 2015
Bamburia, for flute ensemble, based on the Spanish buleria rhythm; original composition commissioned by the Bamboo Orchestra Nakagawa, Fukuoka (Japan). ensemble Zimmermann CD E-131 2011
Forbidden Valley, flute quintet (bassflute, bassflute-F, contrabassflute, contrabassflute-F, double-contrabassflute) commissioned by Kotato & Fukushima Flutes, see YouTube video 5 low flutes Zimmermann CD E-131 2011
Dance with Me, a dance-music for flute ensemble ensemble Zimmermann CD E-131 2011
Luna y Sierra, for flute and one or more instruments flute, various Zimmermann CD E-131 2009
Kaze-no-Suiheisen (Horizon of Wind), a music-dance-art performance for 10 Dutch artists in Hirado (Japan), see YouTube video various --- --- 2009
Ginyu (The Troubadour), for Troubadours Caravan (France), see video ensemble --- --- 2008
A Letter from Universe, for BSXCaravan 2007 incl. dance, live-painting ensemble --- --- 2007
Working Song One & Two, (Flute Update)
1/ a duo for two flutes
2/ a duo for flute and wood saw
flute studies Doblinger CD incl. 2007
Made In Japan, six Japanese songs in 'karaoke'-style flute solo Zimmermann CD E-981 2005
OnTheMove, for the Contemporary European Flute Ensemble eWave, commissioned by Gaudeamus, Amsterdam ensemble --- --- 2004
MmMmM for shomyo voice and small ensemble (fl-bcl-dr-pi-vi-vcl), commisioned by Newman Ensemble (Holland) ensemble --- --- 2004
Voices of Nagasaki, from the Dejima Suite project ensemble Zimmermann CD E-011 2003
Duo, a solo for (contrabass) flute and a stone flute solo Zimmermann --- 2002
Thumpy Book, a method for the Thumpy flute Thumpy Zimmermann --- 2002
Drigo's Dream to Desert a flute-piano work inspired by 'Sérénade' from 'Les Millions d'Arlequin' by Riccardo Drigo flute, piano Zimmermann --- 2001
Dejima Suite, a music project inspired by the Dutch-Japanese history, including shômyô chanting monks, koto, biwa, cello, citizens choir ensemble --- CD E-011 2000
Itsuki-no-Komori-uta*, flute ensemble, a famous Japanese lullaby ensemble Zimmermann CD E-981 2000
Tsuru-no-Sugomori, a transcription of a shakuhachi piece based on a Zen philosophy flute solo Zimmermann CD E-131 1999
Sutralite, for flute ensemble ensemble --- CD E-971 1997
Kotekan, for flute ensemble (8 flutes or 5 flutes, alto-flute, 2 bass-flutes) ensemble Zimmermann CD E-971 1997
Nasori, for flute ensemble, includes costumes ensemble --- CD E-971 1996
The Improvisation Calendar, with 52 improvisations for flute or any other instrument/voice improvisation Zimmermann --- 1996
Jungle Dance, for bottles and flute ensemble ensemble Zimmermann CD E-971 1995
For The Younger Flutist, 10 contemporary flute game-pieces studies Zimmermann
Zen-on (Japan)
--- 1995
Honami, for flute solo flute solo Zimmermann CD E-971 1994
Just A Short Version, flute quartet (pic; 2fl; alto) quartet Zimmermann CD E-971 1993
For The Contemporary Flutist **, 12 flute etudes on contemporary flute techniques. Find extensive information on extended techniques as well as this book on the special website: For the Contemporary Flutist Online flute studies Zimmermann
Zen-on (Japan)
Sejong (Korea)
CD9206 1992
How to Survive in Paradise II for the Dutch/Japanese duo Junko Ueda / Wil Offermans duo --- CD732 1990
Round About 12.5, a 7-month world-wide flute performance by Wil Offermans during 1985-1986 flutes solo --- LP Babel 8637-6 1986
Ilios, for flute solo flute solo --- CD712 1984

* Awarded by Newly Published Music Committee, National Flute Association USA, 2003
** Awarded by Newly Published Music Committee, National Flute Association USA, 1993


  • NEW CD
    Luna y Sierra

  • Daily Sensibilities

  • Made in Japan

  • How to Survive in Paradise

    Forbidden Valley
    a flute quintet for 3fl, alto and bass flute

    Waltz of the Wolves
    A flute duet, enjoyable and playful.

    Luna y Sierra
    for flute solo with accompaniment by one or more Instruments

  • The Thumpy Flute