BSXCaravan is produced by Studio E, the music office of Wil Offermans and Junko Ueda. Studio E does the selection of guest artists, scheduling the tour and arranging the international travel and supervising the project. Studio E can be contacted here.

In organizing the tour, Studio E collaborates with the various spots, who are interested to host a BSXCaravan event. A spot could be:
- a temple
- a concert hall
- a cultural centre
- a (junior) high school
- an elementary school
- a university
- an institute
- a community centre

Financial support

To realise a BSXCaravan event, an event spot in Japan may apply for financial support at either:
- the Dutch Embassy, Tokyo (for northern Japan)
- the Dutch Consulate General, Osaka (for southern Japan)


If you are interest to be involved in or to know more about the BSXCaravan, please feel free to contact with us any time.


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