The BSXCaravan Project

Duo Ueda Offermans
BSXCaravan (Body & Soul Xperience Caravan) has been initiated in 2007 by the musicians duo Wil Offermans and Junko Ueda (Japan). BSXCaravan has been inspired by their annual duo concert tour in Japan and other projects and extends the traditional concert style into an interactive and intercultural music and arts experience reaching audiences of all ages. BSXCaravan invites every year two Dutch guest artists (e.g. a painter; a dancer; a musician). Together with Ueda/Offermans they create a performance, which is presented at various spots throughout Japan. Around each performance, each artist may conduct a workshop on his/her specialism and, if suitable, presents the result of the workshop during the performance. Possible event places include a temple, a concert hall, a cultural centre or a school among others.


At each spot BSXCaravan performs a flexible program of up to four workshops and a final performance during one or two consecutive event days.

The workshops are a main and most important part of BSXCaravan. Here any audience can join and communicate actively with the artists in an artistic and intercultural atmosphere. While BSXCaravan aims to reach all kinds of people, certainly the workshops are aiming to include: high school and elementary school students; university students; citizens, invited via an open registration; or an existing art or music group.
- The Creative Music Workshop will be presented by Wil Offermans.
- The Japanese Vocal workshop (Shomyo) will be presented by Junko Ueda.
- The guest workshops will be presented by the guest artist.

The performance is the final event at each spot. A basic element of the performance is the music by the Duo Ueda Offermans . Additionally the two Dutch guest artists will perform, either solo or in combination with the other artists. The collaboration with the different guest artists, their participation will evoke a new and unique creation every year. If possible, it is in the idea of BSXCaravan to realize some workshop presentation with each final performance.


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