BSXCaravan 2008

BSXCaravan 2008 Artists
After its successful launch in 2007, BSXCaravan continues its annual event and is happy to announce BSXCaravan 2008. This second edition of BSXCaravan will take place in 14 November till 6 December 2008. The initiating Duo Ueda Offermans has again invited two Dutch guest artists: for BSXCaravan 2008 this are Sarah Charalambides (graphic designer) and Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem (modern dancer). Together these four artists will be touring in Japan and presenting the BSXCaravan workshops and concert performances. Below you can find the preliminary tour schedule.

Tour Schedule

icon 14 Nov. Kofuku-ji Temple, Nagasaki
18:30 BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 16 Nov. Ikitsuki Cultural Centre, Ikitsuki, Nagasaki-ken
- Creative Music Workshop
- BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 18 Nov. Hirado Cultural Centre, Hirado, Nagasaki-ken
joining the final event of 12xHolland 2008
- Creative Music Workshop
- BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 22 Nov. Best Amenity Stadium, Tosu, Saga-ken
ST. Art Project / Tosu Art Month
- Workshops
- BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 24 Nov. Musashi-murayama Community Centre, Tokyo
Musashi-murayama Children Theatre
13:00-15:00: Drawing Workshop, Dance Workshop, Creative Music Workshop and Japanese Vocal Workshop
16:00-18:00: BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 25 Nov. Shinjuku Olympic Centre, Tokyo
Drama Institute NPO
19:00-21:30: Duo Music workshop
icon 27 Nov. Honen-in Temple, Kyoto
- BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 30 Nov. Yorii-za Theatre, Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima-ken
Kamiyama Artists In Residence
- Workshops
- BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 01 Dec. Kamiyama Onsen Hotel, Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima-ken
- BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 04 Dec. Core Shakkyo, Shinjuku, Tokyo
- BSXCaravan Concert Performance
icon 06 Dec. Fujimi Cultural Centre Hall, Tokyo
Higashi-murayama Children Theatre

- Drawing Workshop, Dance Workshop, Creative Music Workshop and Japanese Vocal Workshop
- BSXCaravan Concert Performance

The Program at a Spot

BSXCaravan event image
A BSXCaravan event program at a spot is intending to combine workshop(s) and a concert presentation by the four artists. The spot programs the workshops as desired (one, two, three or all four), in combination with the concert performance.
The Workshops
workshop title workshop by dur.* part.*
icon Enjoyment and Creativity Wil Offermans 1~3 hrs. 30 (~50)
Wil Offermans conducting an ensemble with over 100 young musicians
Creative Music Workshop: This is a easy-to-join music workshop for all instruments focusing on active participation and enjoyment with sound. In the workshop participators will work on: a game-style ensemble piece as well as on improvisation. Wil Offermans has developed his contemporary teaching style and is known for his publications about 'Sound Enjoyment'. The workshop is open for all ages and for any level. Participators should bring an instrument (or sing).
icon Meeting with ancient Japanese Shomyo singing Junko Ueda 2~3 hrs. 15 (~30)
Junko Ueda teaching Shomyo
Japanese Vocal Workshop: Shomyo is a Buddhist chanting music, which traces back 1200 years. This melismatic music is a most important base for Japanese traditional music. In this workshop the participators will learn some basic shomyo melody patterns and a simple traditional piece. It creates a wonderful sound texture by the group singing. Some breathing and vocalisation themes will be practised. The music is really accessible and the workshop is open for anyone with an interest in singing. No experience required. For more information on the Shomyo workshops, click here.
icon Let’s enjoy the Alphabet Sarah Charalambides 1~3 hrs. 15 (~30)
Drawing Workshop: In this drawing workshop, the main focus will be on the phenomena of the alphabet. From there we may see its origin, all kinds of styles and shapes or design a new alphabet. While in daily life we see the letters of the alphabet as so normal and simple, now it will become something alive, with surprise and creative. This workshop is for anyone with or without experience in painting and can be held in any suitable place like a school class or painting club.
icon Breath & Movement Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem 2~3 hrs. 10 (~30)
Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem
Dance Workshop: In this workshop - which is open for everyone with or without dance experience and who is interested in developing a healthy breathing - will be dealing with various exercises in relation to breathing and movement. Some of these exercises are based on a style named '16 Ways' (created by Dylan Newcomb), which may remind us to Chi-kun or Thai-chi.

dur.* = is proposed duration for a workshop, but is variable
= the adviced number of participators

The Concert Performance
icon The BSXCaravan Concert Performance
Wil Offermans (flutes, live-computer manipulation); Junko Ueda (satsuma-biwa, voice); Sarah Charalambides (graphic art work); Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem (dance).
duration: 60~90 minutes
Duo Ueda/Offermans during BSXCaravan performance at Arkas Concert Hall, Sasebo (22.10.2007)
provisional program:
- flute solo by Wil Offermans
- satsuma Biwa traditional by Junko Ueda
- duo by Ueda/Offermans
- 'A Letter from Universe' a quartet with the guest artists
- optional: Japanese songs by flute (Akatombo, Kôjô-no-Tsuki, etc)
- optional: participation by workshop groups

Guest Artists 2008

Sarah Charalambides - Graphic design (First Guest Artist 2008)
Sarah Charalambides - Graphic design
Sarah, who is born in Hoorn (Holland) used to live in Athens when she was a little child. She graduated in 2008 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (subject: graphic design). She is extremely interested by the phenomena of the Latin alphabet. This is also the starting point for her own work and projects. Sarah: "The Latin alphabet as starting point. Where do these stylistic symbols stand for? What associations they have each on itself? I imagine that for the average Japanese they have a quite different meaning." Sarah has been selected as a participator for 12xHolland 2008 and will stay and work for one month in Hirado, Nagasaki, in October 2008.

Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem - Modern Dance (Second Guest Artist 2008)
Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem - Modern Dance
Brian, who is born in Utrecht (Holland), has his roots in Suriname, where his Chinese grandparents settled down. At the moment, Brian is a student at the Codarts Dance Academy in Rotterdam. He got attracted by a certain breath/movement approach by Dylan Newcomb, the so-called '16 Ways', which emphasizes on the relation between breath and movement. Brian wrote: "Since last year I got very interested by the Eastern philosophies. What I regarded before as solely esoteric or even fake, now gradually becomes part of myself, both in thinking as well as in actions. While my functioning is still based on my Western background, gradually the Eastern thoughts seem to enter more and more." Brian has been selected as a participator for 12xHolland 2008 and will stay and work for one month in Hirado, Nagasaki, in October 2008.


BSXCaravan 2008 will be generously sponsored by Tozai Travel Amsterdam.


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