BSXCaravan 2007

From October 21st until 27th 2007 the initial edition of BSXCaravan took place. Being a small scale edition for this first year, there were events in Sasebo, Nagasaki (Arkas concert Hall) and Katsushika, Tokyo (Yakujin-Enmei-ji Temple). At these places Wil Offermans, Junko Ueda and their Dutch guest artists for 2007 Ans Kanen (modern dance) and Annelinde de Jong (painter) presented their workshops and performances. In the workshops they all worked closely and with great enthusiasm with a local audience. The climax of the performances was a new work by Wil Offermans for the four artists. The work was titled A Letter from Universe and included the use of flutes, live-computer manipulation, biwa, voice, dance and live-action of painting.

Guest Artists 2007

Ans Kanen - Modern Dance
Ans Kanen
Graduated from the Codarts Dance Academy, Rotterdam in 2005, where she majored in Modern Dance and Jazz Dance. After her study, she has been participating various dance event in Holland both as a dance as well as a choreographer. In 2006 she visited China and Japan for three months, where she has been teaching at various arts and cultural institutions o.a. at the International Ballet School in Ashiya, Japan. Also she has been cooperating at the Fukuoka Contemporary Dance Company. Ans is selected as a participator for 12xHolland 2007 and will stay and work for one month in Hirado, Nagasaki.

Annelinde de Jong - Painting
Annelinde de Jong
Graduated Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2007, majoring in painting. Her works focuses on collage using various materials. At this moment she is most interested in the theme of mystery and symbolism. She is giving lesson for painting and illustration. Also Annelinde is selected as a participator for 12xHolland 2007 and will stay and work for one month in Hirado, Nagasaki.


October 2007

icon-mvg1g2c 21th Sasebo, Nagasaki-ken - Arkas Concert Hall
with thanks to mr. Toshiya Nishino
14:00-16:00: Creative Music Workshop
14:00-16:00: Painting and Drawing Workshop
icon-mvg1g2c 22th Sasebo, Nagasaki-ken - Arkas Concert Hall
with thanks to mr. Toshiya Nishino
10:00-12:00: Japanese Vocal Workshop
13:30-15:30: Modern Dance Workshop
19:00: Final Performance
icon-vg1c 27th Aoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo - Yakujin-Enmei-ji Temple
Katsushika Children Theatre Tokyo
10:00-12:00 Painting and Drawing Workshop
13:00-15:00 Japanese Vocal Workshop
16:00 Final Performance

The Workshops and the Performance

For BSXCaravan 2007 the program at a spot consisted of several workshops and a final performance by the four artists. The spot could choose which workshops they preferred to organize in combination with the final performance. Below you can find more detailed information concerning the four workshops as well as the final performance.

Spot Program

'Enjoyment and creativity'
a creative music workshop by Wil Offermans

This is a easy-to-join music workshop for all instruments focusing on active participation and enjoyment with sound. In the workshop participators will work on: a game-style ensemble piece as well as on improvisation. Wil Offermans has developed his contemporary teaching style and is known for his publications about ‘Sound Enjoyment’. The workshop is open for all ages and for any level. Participators should bring an instrument (or sing).
• Duration: 1 ~ 3 hours | Number of participators: 30 (~ 100)

'Meeting with ancient Japanese Shomyo singing'
a Japanese vocal workshop by Junko Ueda

Shomyo is a Buddhist chanting music, which traces back 1200 years. This melismatic music is a most important base for Japanese traditional music. In this workshop the participators will learn some basic shomyo melody patterns and a simple traditional piece. It creates a wonderful sound texture by the group singing. Some breathing and vocalization themes will be practiced. The music is really accessible and the workshop is open for anyone with an interest in singing. No experience required. Click here for more information on the Shomyo workshops.
• Duration: 2 ~ 3 hours | Number of participators: 15 (~ 30)

'Still Lifes and Collage'
a painting and drawing workshop by Anneline de Jong (2007 guest artist)

In this painting and drawing workshop the participators can enjoy creating still life work with various kinds of materials in with various introducing studies, aiming to train ones skill of observation. Anyone with or without an experience of painting will enjoy to participate. Very suitable for a school class or for any smaller painting workshop.
• Duration: 1 ~ 3 hours | Number of participators: 15 (~ 30)

'Creative Dance'
a modern dance workshop by Ans Kanen (2007 guest artist)

This creative and energetic modern dance workshop focuses on enjoying moving the body. After a warming-up, the participators will work together towards a short collective choreography accompanied by some contemporary music. The workshop is open for anyone, no experience in dance is required.
• Duration: 1 ~ 3 hours | Number of participators: 15 (~ 100)

The Performance
basic program for 2007
  • Flute solo by Wil Offermans
  • Satsuma Biwa traditional by Junko Ueda
  • Duo by Ueda/Offermans
  • Kôjô-no-Tsuki, a Japanese songs by flute and karaoke-CD
  • 'A Letter from Universe' by Ans Kanen (dance), Annelinde de Jong (live-painting) and Ueda/Offermans


BSXCaravan 2007 has been generously sponsored by Tozai Travel Amsterdam. The events in Sasebo received a subsidy from the Dutch Consulate General in Osaka.


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