Japan/Korea Tour Nov/Dec 2008

Wil Offermans has been touring in Korea and Japan performing with the duo Ueda/Offermans and for the BSXCaravan project; presenting his flute masterclasses and as a as a initiator/organizer for 12xHolland.

06.11.08 - Flute House, Seoul, Korea, Flute Master Class (photos)
07.11.08 - Sa Flute Studio, Bundang, Korea, Flute Master Class (photos)
- Sangmyong Elementary School, Seoul, Korea, Flute Workshop (photos)
- Taeshin University (Prof. Park), Daegu, Korea, Flute Master Class (photos)
12.11.08 - Senzoku Music College, Kanagawa, Japan, workshop/concert (photos)
14.11.08 - Kofukuji Chinese Temple, Nagasaki, Japan - Duo Concert/BSXCaravan
16.11.08 - Ikitsuki Culture Centre, Nagasaki, Japan - 12xHolland/BSXCaravan
18.11.08 - Hirado Culture Centre, Nagasaki, Japan - 12xHolland/BSXCaravan
22.11.08 - Best Amenity Stadium, Tosu, Saga, Japan, BSXCaravan
24.11.08 - Musashi-Murayama Citizens Hall, Tokyo, Japan - BSXCaravan
25.11.08 - Olympic Centre, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan - Duo Workshop: Breath & Sound
Duo Concert Ueda/Offermans at Honen-In Temple Kyoto, 27-11-2008 - Leaflet
27.11.08 - Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan - Duo Concert/BSXCaravan
30.11.08 - Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima, Japan, BSXCaravan
01.12.08 - Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima, Japan, Duo Concert
04.12.08 - Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan - Duo Concert
05.12.08 - Musashi-Murayama, Tokyo, Japan - Duo Concert
06.12.08 - Higashi-Murayama, Tokyo, Japan - BSXCaravan
07.12.08 - Tsuruoka, Japan, Duo Concert
10.12.08 - Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan, Concert

BSXCaravan 2008 in Japan

BSXCaravan 2008
From November 14 - December 6, 2008 the second edition of BSXCaravan will take place. In this project, co-initiated by Wil Offermans in 2007, the Dutch/Japanese artists will perform a combination of concert performance and workshops while touring in Japan. The other participating artists for 2008 will be Junko Ueda (biwa; voice; co-initiator); Sarah Charalambides (graphic design) and Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem (dance). More information about BSXCaravanand concert schedule at the official site: http://www.bsxcaravan.com.

Honami performance by Wissam Boustany in London, England

Wissam Boustany
On May 22nd Offermans' composition Honami has been performed with great success at the St John's Smith Square, London by Wissam Boustany (flute professor at London's Trinity College of Music). The online MusicWeb (Carla Rees) wrote about the concert:
"For me, the highlight of the concert was Boustany’s astonishing performance of Wil Offermans’ Honami for solo flute. The simple melodic lines were beautifully shaped, and the quiet atmospheric soundscape was exquisite in the hands of Boustany." Another exciting review appeared at the online Musical Pointers.

Greece : Larissa/Thessaloniki

From April 29 until May 7 Wil Offermans will be on tour in Greece. The tour is financially supported by the Music Center The Netherlands:
  • 30.04-02.05.08 - Flute Meeting Larissa
  • 03.05.08 - flute demonstration at Music Shop DoReMi, Thessaloniki.
  • 05/06.05.08 - master class at the Thessaloniki University. Greece for flute students from Thessaloniki University and Corfu University