CD's by Wil Offermans

The recordings by Wil Offermans have been published by E-records, Amsterdam-Granada; VDE-Gallo, Lausanne; Attacca Records, Amsterdam and BVHaast, Amsterdam and are easily available via the Studio E Online Shop. When clicking an 'Info & Shop'-button, you will be forwarded to additional CD-information, videos and sound samples.
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CD Luna y Sierra
Luna y Sierra 
includes among others Offermans' interpretations of his compositions: Luna y Sierra, Tsuru-no-Sugomori, Dance with Me, ensemble pieces Bamburia and Forbidden Valley (a unique low-flutes quintet). Available online for a special introduction price.
E-records, Granada (2013): CD E-131
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CD Daily Sensibilities
Daily Sensibilities 
CD with the etudes 'For The Contemporary Flutist' performed by Wil Offermans. Visit the For the Contemporary Flutist Online website for extensive information on this contemporary etude book and the extended techniques.
E-records Amsterdam (2011) re-release: CD9206
BVHaast, Amsterdam (1993)
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CD Dejima Suite
Dejima Suite
Holland-Japan project with Nagasaki citizens (voices), Junko Ueda (satsuma-biwa); Hodo Matsuo (Buddhist chanting) and Wil Offermans (flutes & synthesizers). Includes Voices of Nagasaki.
E-records, Amsterdam (2001): CD E-011
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CD Made in Japan
Made in Japan
A most romantic and melodic CD with traditional Japanese songs and Offermans' compositions from the book Made in Japan, performed by Wil Offermans on flutes and synthesizers.
E-records, Amsterdam (1998): CD E-981
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CD The Magic Flute
The Magic Flute
CD with flute ensemble and solo pieces, including Honami; Jungle Dance; Sutralite; Thumpy Improvisation; Just a Short Version and Kotekan.
E-records, Amsterdam (1997): CD E-971
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CD Ilios
Solo CD with Wil Offermans on flutes and live-electronics, recorded in Kobe City Museum, Japan and Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.
VDE-Gallo, Lausanne (1993) re-release: CD712
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CD How to Survive in Paradise
How to Survive in Paradise
Duo CD by the Duo Ueda Offermans (Junko Ueda - satsuma-biwa and Wil Offermans - flutes), including live-electronics, recorded The Hague City Museum, Holland, and the church of Chene-Paquier, Switzerland.
VDE-Gallo, Lausanne (1992): CD732
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CD Ilios (original)
Solo CD by Wil Offermans on flutes and live-electronics, recorded in Kobe City Museum, Japan and Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. The New York Ear Magazine wrote: "Some of the most amazing sounds ever heard...".
E-records, Amsterdam (1989): CD8901
Re-released by VDE-Gallo, Lausanne (1993): CD712
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LP Round About 12.5
Round About 12.5 (LP)
a presentation LP of Offermans' 7-months worldwide flute project 'Round About 12.5' (1985-1986). Attention: only available as LP, not as CD.
Attacca Records (1986): LP Babel 8637-6